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Dhaka installation

BCMS® Ventur is the bird detection system based on artificial intelligence that has exponentially improved the security of Dhaka airport.

In 2020, the airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh, issued a requirement to find a technologically advanced solution to overcome traditional methods that were now insufficient in preventing bird strikes. The airport chose BCMS® Ventur as its bird detection system, and its installation has improved the ability of Dhaka Airport to detect and prevent bird strikes, reducing risks to flight and improving bird safety.

Dhaka installation

Context of the installation:

In the summer of 2021, the Ventur BCMS® system was installed at Dhaka Airport. After completing the set-up, the system started operating in July and carried out a large number of detections offering a clearer and more precise picture of the airport situation. This allowed specialized personnel to intervene at the right time and with the correct deterrence systems to mitigate the problem. THE EDGE COMPANY also held training courses for staff responsible for using BCMS® Ventur, providing information on airport habitat management to limit the presence of birds on and around the airfield.

Installation process:

Scientific, technological, and experiential knowledge come together to provide a process of continuous improvement in efficiency and effectiveness. During the training, biologist Christian Angelici gave lectures on the importance of keeping the airport an inhospitable area for wildlife by eliminating attractive sources such as food, water, and shelter. The lectures also explained how mowing grass and caring for shrubs and trees, if not done correctly, can encourage the presence of birds in the airport area. Thus, much attention has been given to keeping the grass always low, eliminating bushes and trees, and planning green maintenance plans with a view to habitat management.

In addition, Fabio Masci, former Air Force pilot, and safety expert illustrated how to best use the data collected by BCMS Ventur to manage flight operations safely, especially during the critical phases of take-off and landing, focusing on the dispersion of birds without creating danger for aircraft.

Dhaka installation


The installation of BCMS® Ventur has made it possible to collect reliable data with a scientific method, and the results confirm the efficacy highlighted in the previous testing phases. Thus, the system is ready to use, and any future release will only be an improvement proposed by the research and development of THE EDGE COMPANY to contribute to the resolution of the bird strike problem that airports face, especially after the pandemic period that has worsened the presence of wildlife in airports.

Thanks to the choice of BCMS® Ventur as the bird detection system, Dhaka Airport has achieved positive results in terms of birdstrike prevention. The system has proven to withstand even adverse conditions such as during Hurricane Sitrang that hit Bangladesh, representing a test-bed for the system. BCMS® Ventur was able to overcome the force of the winds and the lashing of rain, proving its effectiveness even in extreme situations.

dhaka map of the bcms' structure

Map of the Dhaka installation


The installation of BCMS® Ventur at Dhaka Airport is a success story in preventing birdstrike. The system, based on artificial intelligence, has improved the ability of the airport to detect and prevent the presence of birds, recognize their species, flight direction, and level of danger associated with their trajectory and speed. It has changed the whole approach to the problem, offering a higher level of respect for the environmental ecosystem by safeguarding the lives of people and animals.

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Dhaka installation


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Dhaka installation


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