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Birdstrikes happen every 15 minutes around the world. According to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), 70% of them are unreported. Thanks to our system, however, every airport can clearly assess safety condition in the air space under its responsibility. BCMSã VENTUR is a bird and drone detection system based on smart cameras with proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms. We developed a system able to monitor automatically, continuously and simultaneously the area to enhance flight safety and airports security. With its one or more strategically positioned cameras, BCMSã VENTUR guarantees the monitoring of the area of interest within 2 km. Using vision systems that do not violate or alter the natural habitat. What makes our BCMSã VENTUR system stand out for its uniqueness is its video’s analysis process. A proprietary convolutional neural network (CNN) – called BCMES net – capable to Recognizing the species of birds that frequent airports, count their number and predict their trajectories. And early see drones in case of attack.

This is an example of a working Ventur BCMS system installed on a Italian airport.

The video below explains how the system works. A unique system that can greatly increase flight safety and airport security. It is even capable of recognize small birds and drones. 

To have an idea of how the BCMS VENTUR system works click here the link to the viewer: it works real-time, on line and the footage is in our test site.  Legnago (VR) Italy. 



  • able to recognize and detect species of birds
  • able to detect drones
  • green because is without emmissions
  • cheaper than radar
  • don’t need specialised personnel
  • can work always ( day-night ariport open or closed)
  • supported by environmental organizations
  • enhance flight safety

We know that flight safety can be ensured without sacrificing animals life: when knowledge merges with technology it becomes effective sustainability.

Ventur a young expert

The best ornithologists can identify one species from another, even at a distance, by observing the wing beat, shape, trajectory, and speed of the flight of birds. These skills are acquired with years and years of experience and dedication, with knowledge of the ethology and phenology of the various species, habits and migratory routes. The BCMS© VENTUR system (patented in 2017 by the Edge Company), based on artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, and high-definition cameras, is able to recognize one species from another, even at great distances, with a remarkable accuracy and implements recognition in a very short time, managing to match and often exceed human capabilities. The BCMS© VENTUR system finds its natural use in airports to prevent the risk of birdstrike, but it can also be used in other contexts such as wind farms and nature studies. Identifying, counting, recognizing, and predicting the trajectory and the position of the birds in the airport environment can make the difference between life and death, between the possibility of incurring a disastrous birdstrike or being able to avoid it.

Knowing all these variables in a timely manner allows airport staff to make decisions and use prevention and deterrence systems to avoid the risk of birdstrike.
How can a system based on cameras and artificial intelligence exceed human capabilities and in such a short time? The BCMS© VENTUR system is able to recognize the various species of birds, identify their trajectory and position thanks to a prior set of information and is able to learn continuously and automatically, thus developing a kind of field experience, just like a good ornithologist. The prior information provided to the system is based on thousands of images of the different species of birds to be recognized, information concerning the wing beat rate, trajectories, and phenological and morphometric data of each species.

With this starting information the system is already able to identify and recognize with good accuracy the species that frequent the airport, but is able to do much more: it can learn from working, and by recognizing the various species every day, it learns new and more accurate information for recognition.

It becomes more precise and effective every day. Compared to humans, it manages to cover much larger areas, even the entire airport area, and as the collected data suggests, with much more precision. It is able to identify 10 times more winged animals than the airport staff. The BCMS© VENTUR system does not replace experienced aerodrome personnel but by providing detailed, precise and immediate information it allows the staff to intervene to prevent the danger of birdstrike much faster than what happened until now, marking a turning point in aviation safety.

We can certainly call him a “young expert”.

Have a look to our BCMS VENTUR real-time operations 

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Next Challenge

Urban Ari Mobility -UAM – will become a important feature in a short time in our cities. Obstacle detection in the cities will be the frontier of the foreseeable future.

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