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Bird strike issue in aviation Drones at airports the new thereat FOR Nais Fair moscow enter in a new safety system


Birdstrikes happen every 15 minutes around the world. According to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), 70% of them are unreported. Thanks to our system, however, every airport can clearly assess safety condition in the air space under its responsibility. VENTUR is a bird and drone detection system based on smart cameras with proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms. We developed a system able to monitor automatically, continuously and simultaneously the area to enhance flight safety and airports security. With its one or more strategically positioned cameras, VENTUR guarantees the monitoring of the area of interest within 2 km. Using vision systems that do not violate or alter the natural habitat. What makes our VENTUR system stand out for its uniqueness is its video’s analysis process. A proprietary convolutional neural network (CNN) – called BCMES net – capable to Recognizing the species of birds that frequent airports, count their number and predict their trajectories. .

this is an example of a working Ventur BCMS system installed on a Italian airport.

The video below explains how the system works. A unique system that can greatly increase flight safety and airport security. It is even capable of recognize small birds and drones.

We know that flight safety can be ensured without sacrificing animals life: when knowledge merges with technology it becomes effective sustainability.


Urban Ari Mobility will become a important feature in a short time. Abstacle detection in the cities will be the frontier of the foreseeable future.

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