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A young Lieutenant’s fighter plane crashes due to a birdstrike. Fortunately, he only suffers minor injuries, but his peer and great friend Fabio Masci begins to deal assiduously with the problem, which can represent a serious danger to aviation. So, when he takes charge of the Flight Safety Office of the 5th Stormo Caccia based in Cervia (IT),  he begins to devise a method to monitor and remove birds from the airport area on base.

The method devised by Lieutenant Fabio Masci works really well to the point that it gets adopted by the entire Italian Air Force.

Upon his return from a tour in the United States, where he becomes one of the first 4 Italian F16 instructor pilots, he also gets rewarded by the US Air National Guard for having managed to obtain, in just one year, the same accident rate that the USA achieved in 20 years of F16 service.  Flight safety becomes a real passion for Fabio,  to the point that he becomes an international point of reference for the matter.

When he serves at the TLP (Tactical Leadership Programme) in Albacete, Spain,  he is appointed flight safety manager thanks to his skills acquired in the field.

He participates in serveral operations, some international accidents investigation, and many specialized courses. 

The most natural thing, once he left the Air Force, was obviously wanting to contribute to the safety of civilian flights too through the method he himself had devised, but improving it thanks to technology.

This is how  BCMS® Ventur is born, the system that has its foundations in the deep knowledge of the subject of flight safety, but which is able to exploit frontier technologies to perform precise and punctual monitoring that no person would be able to do. Thanks to cameras and artificial intelligence, what has always been the young lieutenant’s passion can be achieved in the best possible way and which now, after leaving the air force as a lieutenant colonel, he would like to become a standard at least in the busiest airports. Because the safety of crews, passengers and goods is strongly related to the safety of the most delicate  phases of the flight such as take-off and landing.

Who we are
Who we are

DEEP TECH company since 2017

The EDGE Company is an ITALIAN DEEP TECH founded in 2017 that combines specializations in Artificial Intelligence (AI), neural networks and deep learning to offer solutions through cutting-edge technology products and services on a global scale.

Its founder is FABIO MASCI.

Who we are
the founder

MASCI served as a fighter pilot in the Italian Air Force for about 25 years, in addition to operational duties – four air operations – was appointed as Chief of the Flight Safety at 5th Fighter Wing.

In the late 90’s designed and implemented a method to counter the phenomenon of bird strikes and F.O.D. After one year there was a 70% bird strikes reduction, and the method was extended to the entire Air Force.


LTCol Ret. ITAF,

Who we are
Who we are

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Who we are


Cap. Soc. IV: € 816.327
R.E.A.: RN-402033
P.IVA: 04325430405

Who we are


THE EDGE COMPANY is part of the Regional Innovative Network that has won the tender with the Hybrid Sustainable Worlds project. Total amount of call 2.998.736,75 €


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