As we have seen, the world of drones and air mobility is undergoing rapid transformation, and the need to integrate air vehicles, both manned and unmanned, with particular systems at the forefront of technology has become a priority to ensure the safety of goods, people and birdlife that will be in the airspace. The vision outlined by EASA regarding the implementation of advanced U-space services emphasizes the crucial importance of automation and technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).


In this dynamic and challenging context, it emerges how much of THE EDGE COMPANY with its Ventur BCMS system is adequate to play an important role and stand alongside industry giants by proposing capabilities that can make a difference. This solution, designed specifically for THE NON-COOPERATIIVE OBSTACLE DETECTION among which is the prevention of bird strikes, represents a model of how technology, when well applied, can redefine the standards of safety and efficiency in an industry, even if you are not a multinational corporation but possess experience, knowledge and talented crews.


The uniqueness of BCMS Ventur lies in its advanced image processing system from cameras, strategically deployed at all sites, from vertiports to corridors to intermediate layovers. These cameras are not simply observation tools. Through a combination of AI and ML, they analyze, interpret, and react to information in real time, ensuring that drones and eVTOLs can navigate safely, avoiding obstacles and potential threats.


The robustness of the architecture on which BCMS Ventur is based ensures the reliability of data processing, a critical aspect in an environment where timeliness is essential to prevent incidents. The system not only detects threats such as physical obstacles or birds, but thanks to deep learning, it continuously learns, refining its predictive and reactive capabilities.

The importance of artificial intelligence in the UAM, also underlined by the easa roadmap, shows that the BCMS system is already compliant with future regulatory directives

But what really sets us apart at THE EDGE COMPANY is the proactive view on safety and compliance. Even before EASA published its guidelines, the company had already recognized and implemented the importance of a rigorous approach to AI, ML and deep learning. This is not only because they are powerful technologies, but because in the context of air mobility, reliability and accuracy are not only desirable, but vital.


In conclusion, as EASA charts the path to a safer and more automated future in aviation mobility, THE EDGE COMPANY, with BCMS Ventur, demonstrates that that future is already here. This is not only a demonstration of the power of modern technology, but also of a vision, a commitment to responsible innovation and uncompromising safety.

We invite you to contact us to book a demo live and share the journey to achieve the goals the industry has set for itself within the next few years, chief among them the Paris 2024 Olympics games