This past year has been a remarkable one for The Edge Company, marked by our active participation in some of the world’s most prestigious tradeshows and a series of successful international trips that have expanded our reach and fortified our global presence. Here’s a snapshot of our bustling itinerary:

AIAA in San Diego: We were honored to speak at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics conference, engaging with industry pioneers and sharing insights on technological advancements in aviation and astronautics.

Paris Air Show – Le Bourget: Our showcase at the renowned Le Bourget in Paris positioned us among the top 100 innovative companies, highlighting our contributions to Urban Air Mobility and receiving the attention of the Italian Military Air Force delegation.EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator in Toulouse: Selected among the top startups for the

EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator, we made impactful connections and pushed the envelope of urban transportation.

Smart and Start in Matera: As a testament to our origins and growth, we were featured as a success story by the program that kickstarted our journey.

Thales AI@Centech in Montreal: As ambassadors of AI innovation, we represented cutting-edge technology at Thales’ accelerator program.

Heatrow Presentation: Our presentation at Heathrow was a significant stride in showcasing our BCMS system’s capabilities to a key audience in aviation.

EASA and Military Engagements: Meetings with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and presentations to the State Major of Aeronautics have opened new doors for collaboration and innovation.

Innovative Trips: Our travels have taken us across continents, with multiple visits to Canada, the United States, France, England, and Saudi Arabia, each trip advancing our mission and establishing The Edge Company as a global innovator.

As we reflect on the year’s success, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunities to present our vision and technology on such influential platforms. We thank all our partners and supporters who have joined us on this incredible journey.