On June 27th, we were guests on the SGS USA and Canada live broadcast, an invitation from the prestigious certification company with whom we have been collaborating since 2022 to protect wildlife, especially birds, in Alberta, Canada. 

SGS invited Fabio Masci, CEO of The Edge Company, to explain how our BCMS system works and the benefits it offers to those involved in wildlife protection and habitat management.


During a half-hour chat, Fabio clearly and visually illustrated the advantages of an Optical AI-based system, including:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Conduct constant and real-time observations.
  • Species Identification: Recognize and classify different species present.
  • Specimen Counting: Determine the precise number of individuals.
  • Real-Time Deterrence: Effective deterrence without causing habituation.
  • Detailed Reports: Produce accurate and comprehensive reports.
  • Remote Deterrence Activation: Manage deterrent actions remotely.
  • Personnel Safety: Reduce exposure to dangerous or polluted areas.
  • Targeted Intervention: Precise and timely actions exactly where needed.

Alongside Fabio Masci was Shel Groupe, a biologist from SGS, who shared his experience using the system last year and the operational benefits observed in protecting birdlife in Canada.

In addition to wildlife protection, the live session also explained how the BCMS system is useful in other environments, such as airports where birds pose a threat and wind farms where birds are at risk.

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this brief but impactful explanation of our collaboration, which allowed us to save approximately 1 million birds last year alone!