On 29th June, in Giometti’s cinemas in Riccione, within the Festival of Business Values ​​of Confindustria Romagna, The Edge Company presented the Maestro System in Augmented Reality, giving an idea of ​​what it is possible thanks to to this powerful technology.
It was also an opportunity to launch the Zefiro program, a project to create a fleet of small aircraft in fractional ownership for companies and professionals who need to travel frequently and on routes not well connected to the main hubs.

Those who adhere to the Zefiro program can have their own aircraft without having to think about maintenance, hangar and personnel costs, because The Edge Company will take care of this, which will manage the fleet and, thanks to the experience of management from the world of military aeronautics, also the choice of pilots.

The aircraft chosen, the Valkyrie of the American Cobalt, allows you to reach all the main European and North African destinations without stopover. In addition, thanks to the innovative diesel / hybrid engine we equip it with, it is very respectful of the environment.