We are proud to announce that our company has been chosen to become part of the Acceleration Program offered by The Camp. Only 10 startups from all over the world can access this program which will start in September and last 3 months.

The Edge Company will represent Italy in the international program and will have the opportunity to access investments and contacts with the main founders of the French accelerator, namely Credit Agricole, Airbus, Air France, Accord hotel, Vinci, Cisco, SNCF.

The French accelerator selected us in Bologna in May after a pitch night session for the BCMS – Ventur System, bird concentration monitoring system. The second call of the new accelerator concerned 2 important topics such as food and mobility, and the BCMS, our revolutionary System for the monitoring and classification of birds in airports to avoid birdstrikes, immediately attracted attention because it deals with a problem that concerns the whole world, has an increasing incidence and has not yet found effective solutions.

Our BCMS-Ventur is based on Artificial vision and machine learning technologies; it is a system of intelligent cameras that constantly monitors the surrounding space to acquire and analyze information on the concentration of birds. The System is trainable with respect to the species of birds to be recognized and is adaptable with respect to the geographical characteristics of the installation site.

Four criteria that the international jury – constituted by top managers of major global business realities – evaluated to admit startups to the program: the founders’ CVs, the technological aspects of the project, the adequacy of the accelerator’s sustainability principles and finally the startup’s ability to stay on the market.

A great satisfaction for us at The Edge Company, a validation of our ideas, of our project and our ability to see the future! Yet another proof of the goodness of the BCMSC project that has already received praise in Italy – winning the call for Smart and Start of the Mise and New ideas New companies of Rimini – but also abroad where we are ranked second in the semifinals at Skolkovo in Russia last June.

Rimini, 19 July 2018