The 3 applications created for the Oriental Art Museum of Venice were delivered.

3 experiences gathered together in a single App to experience the museum in a more engaging way thanks to Augmented Reality.

We have created an application that, with the use of a Hololens eyewear, gives the visitor an immersive experience, where armor comes to life and tells how they were built giving some information on Japanese history. The samurai armor series, however, will have to flight a little a mischievous little devil who takes them around a bit.

A 2nd experience offers everyone the opportunity to see the inside of a sedan chair for ladies always closed for conservative reasons. Here is guiding voice to direct the gushing through the fine traditional decorations.

The 3rd instead, thanks to the creation of an Artificial Intelligence network, explain how they are built and how Japanese musical instruments sound like, just point your mobile phone at them.

The experiences have been designed and created to overcome the most common disabilities (in fact they are equipped with subtitles) and make the museum more inclusive, but allow everyone a better understanding of the heritage displayed.

New experiences for Oriental Art museum of Venice