The Edge Company was selected by Thales, avionics giant, to participate in the most important trade fair for innovation in Europe: Vivatech.

The fair was held in Paris from 16 to 18 May, and The Edge Company was among the 33 startups selected by Thales to present the developed solutions to the innovation ecosystem. New disruptive concepts that will drive the near future. 13,000 participating startups, 9,000 workers who came in 2 days to see and understand where the future is going and look for innovative solutions to the problems that arise as they arise.

Being inside the Thales Lab has allowed us to stay in a prominent showcase and have very important contacts, get to know professionals and present The Edge Company to accelerators from half of Europe and to the most important companies in various sectors: from fashion to automotive, energy to technology.

So THANK YOU Thales for the occasion: great!