2 webinars in which the solutions designed and created by The Edge Company were presented.

Lenovo, together with Nvidia, as part of the Rapid Bytes Big Insights webinars that examine the use of Artificial Intelligence linked to Computer Vision, focused on the Maestro Cloud System for remote assistance, dedicating a webinar entirely on our solutions.

Booklets that interface with users by giving information step by step, leading anyone through a screen of a smartglass or a mobile phone that recognizes the framed objects and also through animations gives information on what to do.

And then a second webinar dedicated to Artificial Intelligence for City Safety and Crime Detection in which Lenovo wanted to insert our BCMS Ventur System for recognizing birds and drones. The BCMS system was also identified by the IT giant as revolutionary and highly performing. The algorithm that is the brain is able to recognize the different species of birds at a distance that depends on the performance of the camera, but with a 4k it easily reaches 1 km. It obviously also distinguishes drones to avoid drone incursions into airports or other sensitive areas.

The webinars, all in English, were broadcast live worldwide and are available on the Lenovo DCG Events site. https://www.lenovo.com/it/it/data-center/events/

Lenovo presents our solutions in its webinars about AI