Tomorrow, January 13, 2021 we will be presenting the BCMS Ventur System at the World Birdstrike Association Conference.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the conference will be held for the first time through a web platform and this, although it has disadvantages, has positive aspects such as greater ease in participating, and greater dissemination of the event and content.

The WBA has always fought against the phenomenon of birdstrike, trying to promote good practices in the management of wildlife and promoting good practices to enhance flight safety standards. It also promotes innovative technologies and therefore we are very pleased to be able to present the System in front of such a trustworthy and competent audience.

We will also talk about it on social networks, as the topic is becoming more and more popular: many travelers have now understood that a safe flight starts right at the airport from which they depart. Safety cannot be an optional, and many actors and experts are working to improve it.

The pandemic, as we know, has strongly affected the aviation and airport sector, limiting travel, and greatly reducing flights, thus leaving room for wild animals that have reappropriated areas that are no longer manned. This is causing and will cause serious problems related to the danger of birdstrike, which in fact has not decreased to the same extent in which flights have. One of the case studies will be what happened in Italy, where traffic decrease at least by 70% while birdstrikes reduction was only 30%. However, this is an issue that affect the whole industry regardless the geographical location.

We propose our solution, the BCMS Ventur System, a completely authomated solution that doesn’t need any supervision to do its job: detect, track, classified species and eventually automatically control dispersal systems. A groundbreaking solution to help solving an issue existing since the origins of flight.

A safe flight starts from airports where statistically the highest number of birdstrikes occur, and that’s where you have to start, enhancing flight safety without sacrificing the lives of wild animals.