The Edge Company will be present at MAM2021, the Mediterranean Aerospace Matching, 22-23-24 September.

A 3-day event to show aerospace innovations, with live demonstrations of new technologies and with live and remote meetings to learn about the mobility of the near future, Urban Air Mobility. This is the Mediterranean Aerospace Matching told in a few lines. An opportunity that is an important showcase for the world of Italian innovation in this sector and which will see the participation of 25 selected startups as well as numerous Italian companies.

Organized by the Italian Space Agency, together with ICE Agenzia and the Apulian Aeronautical Technological District, the MAM (this is the link to register for the fair and participate in presence or remotely) will be the also an opportunity to take stock of the situation on a sector that sees Italy among the nations that contribute most to the aerospace industry. It is therefore no coincidence that MAM will be held in what Virgin Galactica has identified as #Spazioporto, from which the vectors for space travel will take off.

For this occasion, our BCMS VENTUR system was also installed, capable of identifying birds, recognizing their species through 3 grades of classification – first of all it determines whether it is a bird or not, then establishes whether it is a flying bird or is on the ground and then determines its species even at considerable distances. The system is able to count and position the bird species identified in the space of interest. A fundamental phase for carrying out precise and punctual monitoring. BCMS VENTUR focuses attention on flight safety in the most delicate phases such as take-off and landing, the phases in which the impact between an aircraft and birds is more frequent and dangerously increasing.

Our presence at MAM will also be flanked by our technological partners BOSCH and LENOVO, who are believing in the usefulness of using Artificial Intelligence combined with Computer Vision in an area where even today, especially in Italy, people are employed, equipped with binoculars.
Our solution is based on Artificial Intelligence, capable of recognizing birds, different species, counting them and positioning them through sensors (BOSCH MIC IP 7000i Ultra cameras) and Lenovo servers (HPC) to process information in real time, represents a disruptive innovation in the flight safety landscape. Its use is not limited only to airports but is also very useful in the mobility of the future, Urban Air Mobility, where it acts as a system able to identifying obstacles, whether they are birds or of other nature, in the area of ​​interest. It is also useful in wind farms to protect both wild animals and wind turbines from damage caused by impacts with birds.


Thanks to our partner Italsicurezza S.r.l., Lenovo Partners – EMEA, Bosch Security and Safety Systems and thanks also to the DTA Distretto Tecnologico Aerospaziale scarl for organization and opportunity.

More info and registration:

BCMS VENTUR at the Grottaglie spaceport for MAM - 22/23/24 of september