On the afternoon of Sept. 29 at 6 p.m. Italian time, Season 3 of the prestigious  AI@Centech accelerator, the Thales accelerator in Montreal, was presented.

Five startups were selected from 296 applications received from 56 countries around the world. One of these is The Edge Company, which presented its bird and drone detection system BCMS Ventur, the artificial intelligence-based system capable of seeing drones and birds, recognizing bird species and naturally removing them from airport areas.

In addition to its use in the aeronautical field proper, the system can also be used in other sectors: from the monitoring and protection of wind fields to future Urban Air Mobility, where detecting obstacles (be they birds or other drones) becomes a priority issue for the #safety of both flying cabs and the cities over which they will fly at low altitude.

And it is also the use in this area to have interested the French colossus and to have made the choice for the Italian startup that stands as one of the key pieces in this new area of mobility.

A startup that in our vision wants to give rise to a chain to ensure that Italy has an active role in policies related to mobility and technology of the future both in Europe and worldwide.

In the meantime, we start from Montreal, from Canada and from the trust and important validation that the leading French avionics company is giving us. The AI @Centech is the most important accelerator for artificial intelligence, it is based in Montreal and has been chosen by Thales to discover new startups and new businesses to implement with them. This is not a classic acceleration, but the networking of selected startups with partners and customers of Thales to quickly grow projects and business related to them, together.

It is therefore a great opportunity for The Edge Company that wants to make air safety of higher standards, as contemporary technology would allow.