BCMS VENTUR SAFETY SYSTEM will soon be installed at Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC)!

The airport has chosen for the mitigation of the birdstrike phenomenon the system produced by the edge company and based on artificial intelligence. 

Birdstrikes at airports still represent a real and costly threat to flight safety and any impact with birds causes a lot of damage to the aircraft as well as the death of the birds involved. The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, noting that current methods are not working well, has turned to effective innovation for wildlife management.


A New Approach to the Problem of BirdStrike

The winning system was the BCMS® VENTUR. A new approach to the problem made possible through the use of an ultra-technological solution born of years of experience in the field. Operational knowledge and revolutionary technology come together to return a decisive and cost-effective solution. THE EDGE COMPANY has been able to achieve this success thanks to the incredible teamwork done with our invaluable partner Banglamark. When there is a common vision inspired by the achievement of sound objectives such as raising the levels of flight safety, there are no barriers that can prevent the achievement of the result.

Obstacle detection and monitoring for flight safety 

BCMS® VENTUR is a monitoring system capable of detecting flight safety obstacles within the area of interest. Thanks to artificial intelligence with proprietary technology, the system has proven to be extremely accurate in even identifying the species of birds. This allows to be extremely timely and effective in the strategies of dissuasion and avoidance.

A perfect integration man-machine aimed at reducing the workload of people who can use with extreme effectiveness the data provided by the system. Removing birds in a bloodless way and creating safe areas minimizes the risk of birdstrike. The actions we take always start with precise monitoring to know what species are present.


Dahka Airport chooses sustainability in wildlife hazards management 

Dhaka International Airport has chosen BCMS® VENTUR by THE EDGE COMPANY also because it is an environmentally sustainable system, effective but without harmful emissions for the natural ecosystem and for humans. The Hazrat Shahjalal airport is located near numerous aquifers which is closely linked to the presence of birdlife, much of which is also present in Italy, but much is yet to be discovered, and BCMS® VENTUR is looking forward to learning new species to safeguard against impacts for the safety of passengers and aircrafts.
In fact, once we learn which species of birds frequent the area, we keep them away by making them perceive the inhospitable area through their calls of danger.

WE know that it is possible to raise safety levels without sacrificing wildlife life. Because we already have!