Some certificates are more valuable than others, and this one is undoubtedly a certificate of value. It certifies our path to acceleration at AI@Centech. It was delivered to us just in the Easter holidays, and as it reads, it accredits us as a trusted partner of Thales.

Being among the 5 startups selected out of more than 250 applications submitted, was not a goal, but the beginning of a new path, which we are doing and that is proving fruitful and exciting. New challenges are opening up for us at The Edge Company: both in terms of business and innovation, in the field of both airport and urban air mobility. In conclusion, we really feel that we are among the lucky ones who are writing the rules of the future in the way we move around. A mode that will also change the lifestyle of citizens, as happened with the advent of the automobile a century ago.

We are grateful to Thales for having understood the potential of the Ventur BCMS® System and for having decided to trust The Edge Company for Ventur-X.

At the same time we are proud of the work done during the acceleration and of the results obtained, which settle at 98% of true positive rate in the detection even from moving objects. We can therefore say that it is a certificate of achievement sweated and that has even more the taste of the challenge won!

For more information you can read insert the  Ventur BCMS® System page, and contact us through the form.

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