Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, where Lenovo‘s Accelerate event is underway, The Edge Company was featured as one of the first artificial intelligence startups Lenovo has begun to partner with. Because of this, we were included among the AI innovators at Accelerate. The event, dedicated to Lenovo channels and resellers, gathers the world’s IT technology elite in one hotel and is rich in events and presentations.

The Edge is a testimonial on how good use of AI can help travelers make safer flights while also safeguarding wildlife life. But the BCMS Ventur System can help in other areas as well: thanks to accurate monitoring, it is also important in wind fields, and can be used in other environments to monitor birds. As well as in security it can constantly monitor the area for drone attacks. It is probably this versatility that Lenovo really likes, because it is suitable for many markets and is easily scalable. 

Watch the video to learn more:

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