Listen to this Levovo Think AI Podcast episode, in which Tikiri Wanduragala, Senior Solutions Consultant, and Valerio Rizzo, Lenovo EMEA Head of AI together with Fabio Masci, CEO of The Edge Company will take a closer look at how Computer Vision and Deep Learning applications demonstrate its possibilities in the complex city environments today and the new initiatives that aim to bring innovation and smart city living benefits to all of us.

Fabio Masci explains what The Edge Company is doing in this area, especially in terms of Safety, with a focus on what will be the future (a very near future) of Smart Cities regarding Airports and Urban Air Mobility.

“We are making airports smarter and this is already happening now!”, He tells us, explaining how important it is to increase everyone’s awareness of the contribution that Urban Air Mobility can offer to improving the quality of life and the environment in cities, starting from traffic. It is therefore necessary to reflect on how much it is necessary to take action as soon as possible on the redesign of the cities in terms of viability and air safety, and to think about the safety of people and the environment first of all: Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing and Blockchain Technology they can make this possible, and they are already doing it.

What most people think is the distant future, is directly around the corner. And that’s great!

Tune in to learn more!