The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is the world’s largest aerospace technical society. With nearly 30,000 individual members from 91 countries, and 100 corporate members, AIAA brings together industry, academia, and government to advance engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense. 

The forum, this year hosted in san Diego, will bring together over 2,000 participants from across the globe in a virtual setting representing hundreds of government, academic, and private institutions. 

THE EDGE COMPANY has been invited to present the Ventur BCMS system at the AIAA forum in San Diego. The forum is organized by the American institute for aeronautics and astronautics, and is a well-attended event in the USA.The AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition (AIAA AVIATION Forum) is the only event that covers the entire integrated spectrum of aviation business, research, development, and technology. The program features discussions with respected aviation leaders-providing a single, structured gathering to help delegates navigate the key challenges and opportunities affecting the direction of global aviation policy, research and development, technological proliferation, cybersecurity, environmental issues, and emerging markets. In short, it is the place where industry professionals discuss and investigate new technologies for various aspects of aviation, both traditional aviation and future Urban Air Mobility. It is precisely on the latter that the San Diego forum is mostly dedicated. 

Numerous talks will be given by both entities such as NASA and the FAA and the world’s largest aviation companies. More than 2,000 professional and student participants and 50 exhibitors are expected. A forum 

that promises to be full of insights and innovation. How could THE EDGE COMPANY miss it then? We are going to present our BCMS Ventur system that serves both to 

fighting birdstrike at airports and for flight safety in Urban Air Mobility.  The mobility of the future must first and foremost be safe and emission-free. We are there, we will be in the HUB and then we will share content with those who follow us.