It is the oldest air show in the world, the most iconic, and to be there is a great privilege. To be there and to be in the most innovative wing, the one where the future of urban air mobility-the Urban Air Mobility-is really exciting! We are present at Le Bourget involved by the aerospace accelerator Starburst, in HALL5 booth C224, in the STARTmeUp exhibition area. The past and the future meet, in the most fascinating and always considered most cutting-edge domain: the aerospace world.
So how could we not be present with our system that based precisely on our experience in the field, but using new technologies such as artificial intelligence, is able to perform precise monitoring precisely with a view to flight safety?
We are there and we want to make connections with sites around the world where our BCMS system is in operation to make people understand how accurate and important it is just to help those who operate, to ensure flight safety.
With accurate monitoring, recognition of the species of birds, their positioning within the area, information on the direction of flight of the obstacle (bird or not) and its speed, our system is unique in the landscape and well suited to different contexts: from the airport, to the vertiport to the wind field and more, because our focus is on defending wildlife, and increasing flight safety.
We have already zeroed the birdstrike at Dhaka International Airport in 8 months of work, we have already installed the system in a vertyport in Germany in UAM perspective as an osbastacle detector, and we have put it at Verona International Airport, Rome Urbe Airport according to a memorandum of understanding signed with the Italian Civil Aviation Authority ( ENAC). We will make connections with these sites to show how the BCMS system works, what information it collects on the number and species of violatiles, what information can be obtained through the system to permanently remove birds from where they are endangered and pose a danger. This is all thanks to the field experience, our biologists and AI specialists, who have been elbow to elbow to create a unique and very high-performance system, the Ventur BCMS.
If you want to see it come to our booth in Paris, don’t miss the opportunity to check its capabilities from the real. We look forward to seeing you- HALL 5 BOOTH C224.