On March, 7th at 13:34 – UTC ZULU The Edge Company will participate to the 2nd virtual edition of the World Birdstrike Association, the world association of people involved in this issue. So far it has been an aviation-related problem, but soon it will become a much more relevant issue with the entry of the new type of mobility: Urban Air Mobility, or Advance Air Mobility.

Birds, in fact, are not only a problem for aircraft, which can be hit by a bird during take-off and landing, with more or less expensive and serious consequences, ranging from simple damage to engine flaps, dents to the nose, up to engine fires or crashes.

If the serious effects of birdstrike rare in civil aviation, we can hardly think that it will be the same for Urban Air Mobility, where transport is operated by small electric helicopters that, in a few years, will have to fly unmanned, at an altitude as low as the city space.

The challenge is really interesting, and we believe that the BCMS® Ventur System, which we are presenting at the WBA, represents the most suitable answer both to combat birdstrike at airports, helping to save wildlife, and a way to make transport safe in future mobility.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the BCMS® Ventur System can distinguish an object at a distance of up to 1 km and even in less than optimal weather conditions (fog, snow). It recognizes the object, determines if it is a bird and discriminates the species, positions it in space, counts the number if there are more than 1, and predicts the trajectory. And it manages to do all this in real time!

We are very happy with the results, and the exclusive request from a major industry player to install the BCMS Ventur system in the vertiports is a confirmation of this.

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